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Published: 2001-08-13 00:00:00

Environment Waikato’s Passenger Transport Subcommittee is considering a concessionary fare to support the newly launched commercial Dey St student bus service.

The service was begun by a local operator in conjunction with the Dey St Campus accommodation service to replace the Ubus service, which folded in July. The new service links the University and Polytechnic campuses, and local businesses such as supermarkets are looking at providing financial support.

The concessionary fare would allow university and polytechnic students to travel for 80 cents a trip on commercial services going to and from the campuses. The Dey St bus presently charges $1 a trip.

The subcommittee was told the new service was receiving support from the Student Union and UFM university radio station, which were looking at ways of promoting and supporting it.
Transport Manager Bevan Clement said the service began as a charter, but passenger numbers were growing well.

Cr Lois Livingston asked if the Council wanted the service to be successful, and said she did not see the problem in supporting it, which would prevent the need to subsidise the bus.