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Published: 2001-09-18 00:00:00

Proposals to exclude stock from all waterways in the Upper Waikato catchment area within 10 years are still alive and well.

This was made clear at a meeting this week of Environment Waikato’s Upper Waikato Liaison Sub Committee in Reporoa, when members reaffirmed their commitment to soil conservation and riparian planting.

Members expressed concern at an earlier media statement that said there was limited support from local farmers for soil conservation works.

Committee chairman Murray Black said the statement had intended to imply that while Reporoa farmers were highly supportive of fencing off streams, the same situation did not apply further down the catchment.

He said most of the other liaison committees across the greater Waikato catchment wanted a much lower level of soil conservation work.

Committee members were adamant that the stock needs to be excluded from waterways and in a relatively short time frame.

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