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Published: 2010-05-12 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has decided that public notification is not necessary for two short-term consents for the aerial application of 1080 to kill possums in the Waikato.

Two companies, EcoFX Ltd and Epro Ltd, had initially applied to replace their existing consents with new 20-year and 10-year consents respectively to apply 1080 from the air.

The time periods applied for had raised concerns amongst people opposed to 1080.

The two companies subsequently changed the consent duration they were seeking, asking instead that they run out on 27 June 2011. Another company, Skywork Helicopters Limited, has an existing consent to apply 1080 aerially that is able to be exercised until at least that time in the Waikato.

EW’s consented sites division manager Brent Sinclair said that in these circumstances, when the appropriate legal tests are applied, public notification of the applications is not required.

“Any further consent applications regarding aerial 1080 application after 27 June 2011 will be processed with regard to the conditions prevailing at that time,” Mr Sinclair said.