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Published: 2006-12-30 00:00:00

Environment Waikato scientists are collecting water samples for analysis, following a sewage spill into the Raglan Harbour this afternoon.

The sewage spill, which has now been fixed by Waikato District Council staff, occurred following an electrical failure at the Marine Parade pumping station (which is situated near the one-way bridge across the harbour on the road to Manu Bay).

“The sewage spill has now been stopped by Waikato District Council staff.  Environment Waikato staff are taking water samples to determine the effects of the spill,” says Environment Waikato duty manager, Rob Dragten. 

“However, it will be at least 24 hours before we have the results of the water sampling. We will continue to monitor the water on a daily basis until water quality returns to normal."

The Medical Officer of Health, Felicity Dumble is advising people not to swim in the harbour, or to collect shellfish until it can be demonstrated that the water quality has returned to normal.

Mr Dragten said that it was not known at this stage exactly how much sewage had spilled into the harbour.
Environment Waikato will be working with the District Council and the Medical Officer of Health over the coming days to ensure that all issues surrounding the spill were satisfactorily resolved.

“As soon as the sample results become available, we will be advising the Medical Officer of Health, who will keep the public informed about the status of the harbour, especially regarding swimming and the taking of shellfish.”