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Published: 2017-07-11 10:30:00

A special guest appearance by Ruben the Road Safety Bear will delight children attending the Thames library this Thursday as part of its building transport holiday activity.

The popular bear is the mascot for Waikato Regional Council’s young road user safety programme and teaches children aged up to about seven years old how to be safe on and around our roads.

The programme, supported by New Zealand Police and the New Zealand Transport Agency, saw Ruben deliver 397 road safety lessons to over 21,000 throughout the Waikato last year.

The council’s transport projects administrator Jenny Davis said Ruben would be making a guest appearance at the Thames Library.

“Ruben hopes to have lots of children join him on Thursday at 10.30am to hear Ruben’s new Matariki Adventure story which promotes his key safety messages,” she said.

Ruben’s website ( is also the go-to place for his safety messages and activities to keep children occupied these holidays. As well, it has helpful links and information for teachers, parents and caregivers.

The messages Ruben covers in his performances are:

  • Be bright, dress bright: When out and about, wear bright clothing so other road users can easily see you.
  • Seat yourself right, buckle in tight: Buckle into a correctly sized car seat on every trip in a vehicle.
  • Stop, look, listen and link: Before crossing the road stop back from the curb, look and listen for vehicles and bikes, link hands with a safe person and walk quickly across the road, still looking as you go.
  • Look out for sneaky driveways: When you are walking on the footpath, remember to ‘stop, look, listen and link’ at each driveway, just like when you are crossing the road.
  • Helmet on right and tight: Wear a correctly fitting helmet every time you ride your bike or scooter.