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Published: 2002-09-03 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is reviewing its Regional Passenger Transport Plan, looking at service frequency, routes, zonal fares, electronic timetables and advertising on buses.

The Council reviews its passenger transport plan every three years, and senior transport planner Bill McMaster told this week’s Regional Land Transport Committee that the review would be “fine tuning” rather than going back to the basics of the plan. The plan sets out the Council’s objectives and policies in providing passenger transport for the Region.

Included in the review will be Kick Start and Patronage funding, provision of bus stops, shelters and terminals and city urban expansion. It will also examine the effects of an ageing population, review rural services, and incorporate the new national transport policy including a review of Total Mobility services for people with disabilities.

A workshop for councils and key stakeholders will be held in the next two months, with a public perception survey undertaken between September and December. A draft plan will be released in January with consultation during March followed by submissions. A final plan will be signed off by June next year.

Chairman David Peart said the Council needed to look closely at frequency and services, ensuring it future proofed the passenger transport scheme.

“Decisions made will affect the future and we must make sure we get it right.”