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Published: 2011-09-16 00:00:00

The idea of having a regional rate meet 15 per cent of the cost of harbour management works on the Coromandel Peninsula has been endorsed by the regional council’s catchment services committee.

At its meeting this week, the committee agreed the idea should be consulted on as part of the 2012 Draft Long Term Plan.

Currently, the initial cost of such works on the Coromandel are covered by a targeted local benefit rate (80 per cent) and a peninsula (targeted catchment) rate (20 per cent).

Under a proposed change to the funding policy the funding mix would be 65 per cent targeted local benefit rate, 20 per cent peninsula (targeted  catchment) rate and 15 per cent would come from a regional rate charged on each property in the Waikato.

A report to the committee said such a change would still see most costs borne by local Coromandel people.

But having 15 per cent come from a regional rate would recognize the benefits to the wider region of maintaining and enhancing the estuaries and harbours of the peninsula, a key tourism and recreational area, the report said.

The full council will be asked to endorse the committee’s decision.