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Published: 2002-09-03 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is well aware of Te Kuiti’s sewerage system problems and is working with the District Council to resolve them.

Commenting on last week’s report that the new sewerage system did not work, Resource Officer Ross Wightman said a time frame had been set to ensure the system complied with its consents. Environment Waikato had concerns about the time taken to get the system in compliance.

A report presented to Waitomo District Council last week said the treatment process was not operating due to a number of design problems. The system had been installed to the consultants’ instructions, but did not work.

Progress with the plant is reported to Environment Waikato’s Regulatory Committee each month and in August it was reported that the District Council had made considerable progress, with deadlines for reporting now available.

The District Council has chosen an activated sludge plant after discussion with trade waste users, when the consent was granted on a sequence batch reactor. The sludge removal was now complete and Opus Consultants had been engaged to review the options for wetland treatment and land disposal by the end of August. Hydraulic performance of the diffuser was to be reviewed.

Progress will be reported again to Environment Waikato’s Regulatory Committee next week and the two councils will meet on September 24 to discuss wastewater issues.