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Published: 2007-01-01 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is congratulating vigilant residents at Hahei who, along with emergency services and United Water acted promptly when the main sewage pumping station began overflowing today during a power cut.

“The local residents, along with emergency services and United Water took quick action in creating a temporary dam to minimise the amount of overflowing effluent entering the Wigmore Stream,” says Environment Waikato duty manager, Rob Dragten.

“Emergency Services also contacted a local septic tank operator to pump sewage from the overflowing main while the electricity remained off.”

“These prompt actions meant that only a very small amount of sewage managed to find its way into the Wigmore Stream.”

Despite the prompt action to contain the spill, the Waikato Medical Officer of Health, Dr Dell Hood is still advising people not to swim in the Wigmore Stream.

“The Wigmore Stream already has long term health warning signs in place, because water quality there is known to be poor at times, and it may appear to visitors to be a safe place for small children to swim,” Dr Hood said.

“In my opinion, the stream and estuary will remain unsafe for swimming even after the tide has washed away the sewage spilled today.”