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Published: 2016-10-08 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council has five new councillors according to progress results received by 3.30pm today.

Tony Armstrong and Jennie Hayman replace retiring councillors Peter Buckley and Theresa Stark in the Waikato general constituency, with Kataraina Hodge winning the Ngā Tai Ki Uta Māori constituency left vacant by retiring councillor, Timoti Bramley.

Former Thames-Coromandel district councillor Dal Minogue has been elected to that constituency. The other new councillor is Russ Rimmington, who joins returning councillors Lois Livingston, Bob Simcock and Jane Hennebry in the Hamilton general constituency.

Four councillors had previously been re-elected unopposed: Alan Livingston and Stu Kneebone in the Waipā-King Country, and Stuart Husband and Hugh Vercoe in the Waihou constituency.

While the vast majority of votes have been counted, special votes and voting papers delivered this morning to the offices of the 11 constituent territorial authorities in the Waikato Regional Council area are yet to be included in these results.

Once these remaining votes are counted, preliminary results will be available at on Monday 10 October. Official results are expected to be received by this Thursday, 13 October.

Waikato Regional Council councillors (progress results)

Hamilton general constituency (4 vacancies)

  • LIVINGSTON, Lois                            15,040
  • SIMCOCK, Bob                                  14,626
  • HENNEBRY, Jane                              13,584
  • RIMMINGTON, Russ                       11,868

Taupō-Rotorua general constituency (1 vacancy)

  • WHITE, Kathy                                     4991

Thames-Coromandel general constituency (1 vacancy)

  • MINOGUE, Dal                                  2570

Waihou general constituency (2 vacancies – elected unopposed)

  • HUSBAND, Stu
  • VERCOE, Hugh

Waikato general constituency (2 vacancies)

  • HAYMAN, Jennie                             4665
  • ARMSTRONG, Tony                        4110

Waipa-King Country general constituency (2 vacancies – elected unopposed)


Ngā Tai Ki Uta Māori constituency (1 vacancy)

  • HODGE, Kataraina                            1493

Ngā Hau E Whā Māori constituency (1 vacancy)

  • MAHUTA, Tipa                                  2169