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Published: 2000-06-18 00:00:00

Raglan residents are making progress on finding solutions for the town’s sewage problems.

Members of the community working party and a Waikato District Council representative met with Environment Waikato’s Regulatory Committee this week to update progress on the issue.

District Council representative Gary Allis said the working party had been meeting for the past 12 months and had commissioned a report on options for a land based disposal system.

This would be an alternative to ocean discharge. The group would meet again later this month and would be working through the issues over the next three or four months.

He said the group had made a lot of progress and relationships were a great deal better than they had been a year ago.

Working party member Angelina Greensill said the work was a very worthwhile process. While it was taking time, the issue was a 25-year-old problem.

Progress was made when the Council agreed to move the oxidation pond off a sacred site, and more information was needed about how large the pipes would be across iwi land.

There was concern about the long term vision of where the town was growing, and that the system would still be where Maori wanted to develop themselves.

“This can be resolved by more talking in the town, and we believe a land based system is the best option.”

Community Board member Jane Williams said viable solutions were now possible.

“There is a fear of new and different technologies but we are working together to achieve the same outcome.”

Committee Chairman Jim Howland said he was pleased with the progress being made.