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Published: 2008-10-06 00:00:00

Joint media release
Boosting farm profits, improving nutrient efficiency and creating a sustainable dairying operation are the focuses of upcoming effluent management field days for Waikato farmers.

DairyNZ, Environment Waikato, Federated Farmers and Fonterra are teaming up to offer detailed and practical effluent management advice at a series of field days around the Waikato region.

"Using dairy shed effluent as a nutrient source is a good way to boost your farm’s bottom line in a sustainable way, by significantly reducing a farm’s demand for fertiliser," said Environment Waikato’s sustainable agriculture coordinator Gabriele Kaufler, organiser of the field days.

"Farmers have reported payback for their improved effluent systems within one to two years. With fertiliser prices where they are now the nutrient value of effluent from 100 cows is about $3000 per year for an all-grass system and about $6000 per year on farms using feedpads and supplements," Ms Kaufler said.

The field days will be held on four farms across the region. Topics to be covered include: practical tips to improve the day-to-day running of your effluent system; calculating the nutrient value of effluent and how to get the most out of it by selecting the right size and type of system for your farm.

DairyNZ business developer Mike Bramley said last year’s effluent field days were appreciated by farmers who picked up tips from other farmers and the speakers at the day.

"It’s a good chance for farmers who’re looking hard at their budgets to see just how much potential is already there on their farm. We hope to help them unlock that potential," Mr Bramley said.

John Hutchings, Fonterra’s General Manager of Sustainable Production, said effluent management is a critical part of the overall farm system.

"These field days allow farmers to keep up to date with new technology, review their system against others in the industry and ensure it is meeting the farm’s requirements and regional council standards."

Waikato Federated Farmers’ president Stew Wadey said it made sense to utilise the expertise on offer at the field days.

"We're all looking to produce milk in the most efficient manner possible. This day should benefit farmers looking to make informed decisions when managing their effluent and also when making changes to their effluent system or installing a new one," Mr Wadey said.










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