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Published: 2013-02-18 00:00:00

A new road safety campaign launched today by Waikato’s regional road safety group provides a one-stop-shop for those teaching young people to drive.

It’s the first module in a two-year campaign to educate young drivers on safer road use and the consequences of dangerous driving behaviour. As part of the campaign’s first phase, 1 of 100 prizes to help learner drivers are up for grabs. “Teaching someone to drive is a skilled task which requires time, patience and practice,” said Monique Haines, Waikato Regional Council’s road safety coordinator. “We’ve created a one-stop-shop at with links to all the tools, resources and information that will help you to give your learner driver the best possible start.” Road crashes are the single greatest killer of 15-24 year olds and the leading cause of permanent injury. Over the four years from 2007-2011, young Waikato drivers were involved in 125 fatal and 621 serious injury crashes, which equates to 33 per cent of the region’s road toll. “Driving is a complex task which takes years of competence to master, and you can help to reduce the risk of your child dying or being seriously injured in a crash by ensuring they have 120 hours of supervised driving practice before they sit their restricted test,” Mrs Haines said. “Young people also learn from the driving habits of adults, so role modelling safe driver behaviour is also important right from the time they are children. Always make sure you are wearing your safety belt and obey the speed limits, and never drink and drive.” Mrs Haines encouraged teachers of young drivers to take advantage of online training programmes and to study using the current road code, as this will have the latest rules. Meanwhile, people have until Sunday 31 March to go in the draw to win 1 of 100 prizes, which include 50 NZ Road Codes and 50 vouchers for eDrive, New Zealand’s interactive online driving training programme. All entries received will also be entered in a draw to win two free driving lessons with a local driving instructor. Visit to enter the competition, or for more road safety information. The Waikato Regional Road Safety Education Group is led by Waikato Regional Council, working in conjunction with other regional safety stakeholders including the NZTA, NZ Police, ACC and councils.