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Published: 2007-10-30 00:00:00

A Pukekohe egg producer is facing serious pollution charges after local residents complained of strong offensive smells.

The owner of the poultry layer farm faces 10 charges of unlawfully discharging chicken effluent to land where it may enter water, and of not complying with Environment Waikato abatement notices to cease these discharges and to remove the stockpiled effluent from the site.

His company faces seven charges of unlawful discharge of chicken effluent to land where it may enter water.

The offending is alleged to have occurred between July and October this year.

The charges, laid by Environment Waikato under the Resource Management Act 1991, are due to be called in the Pukekohe District Court on 5 December.

Environment Waikato complaints and enforcement manager Patrick Lynch said the council was alerted by local residents.

“They complained of strong objectionable smells coming from the property and this led to our investigation.

“We are encouraging the company owner to dispose of the chicken effluent in an acceptable manner so as to prevent further impacts on the community.”

Further details will not be made public until the court hearing.