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Published: 2013-03-18 00:00:00

Landcare groups and others interested in becoming part of them are being invited to a networking field day hosted by Waikato Regional Council, the Landcare Trust and the Pukemokemoke Reserve Trust.

The Landcare community groups – which do work such as planting, fencing, and animal and plant pest control – are a significant force for good in the region.

A recent report said their numbers had swollen to 45 since the first Waikato one got going more than 20 years ago. Over one year, it was estimated that 12 groups alone did more than 13,000 unpaid hours worth around $170,000. They put in more than 22,000 plants, more than four kilometres of fencing and more than 9,000 hectares of animal pest control

The Landcare networking field day – to be held on Thursday 11 April starting at 9.15am – will give various groups an opportunity to discuss current issues and share information. The event will start at the Tauhei Marae at Pukemokemoke Reserve in Gordonton.

After the field day there is an option for an overnight stay at the marae to look at the nocturnal activities of certain pests, as well as to attend other planned events.

People wanting to attend the field day are asked to RSVP by 5 April 2013 to either:

  • Bala Tikkisetty: or
  • Michelle Kingi:

For further information, please contact Bala Tikkisetty at Waikato Regional Council on freephone 0800 800 401 or Nardene Berry, NZ Landcare Trust, on 07 859 3725. They can also provide directions to the field day.