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Published: 2016-03-29 00:00:00

Community groups involved in caring for the land are being invited to a landcare networking field day at Te Pahu next week.

The field day, organised by Waikato Regional Council in conjunction with the Te Pahu Landcare Group, is starting off at 9.30am on Wednesday 6 April in the Te Pahu community hall near the corner of Te Pahu Rd and Limework Loop Rd.

Landcare groups are partnerships where people work together to take action on local environmental issues

The main purpose of the day is for landcare and other community groups to share ideas, discuss issues and learn from each other.

Besides discussions at the hall, there will also be discussions alongside the Kaniwhaniwha Stream and other outdoor sites.

Transport will be available from the council’s offices at 401 Grey St, Hamilton East, leaving at 8.30am.

To book a space on the transport or for any questions please contact Bala Tikkisetty or Georgina Murphy on 0800 800 401. Email or