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Published: 2013-12-23 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council biosecurity officer Jeanie McInnesis passionate about keeping the disease kauri dieback out of the Coromandel.

Along with Thames-Coromandel District Council, she’s been involved in putting up a new banner near the Kopu bridge to remind visitors to the region that it has had no detected cases of kauri dieback “and we want to keep it that way”.

The sign has been erected on the fence with the generous permission of Coastwood Homes Lockwood Coromandel.

Currently, kauri dieback has been detected in Northland, Auckland and Great Barrier Island.

“It’s not something we want affecting our beautiful stands of kauri on the Coromandel and elsewhere in Waikato. Councils and other agencies will be doing their utmost to keep it out but we need the public’s assistance as well,” says Jeanie.

To help keep the disease from Coromandel, and the Waikato generally, here are some key tips for residents and visitors alike:

  • Remove all soil from your footwear – it only takes a speck of dirt to infect a tree.
  • Spray footwear with disinfectant to sterilise any remaining dirt.
  • Clean your footwear and other gear before and after forest visits.
  • Stay on the track and off kauri roots.