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Published: 2008-07-21 00:00:00

The latest phase of a major research project aimed at helping meet Waikato’s future transport needs gets underway later this month.

A detailed household survey of around 4000 homes throughout the region (approximately one per cent of households) will be carried out. About half the surveyed homes will be in Hamilton.

The exercise is part of developing the Waikato Regional Transportation Model and follows on from the recent success of the roadside interview surveys where more than 47,000 motorists were surveyed across the region.

Information from the new household survey will help determine how $4.4 billion worth of transport funds will be invested over the next decade. The data gathered will be of both regional and national significance given the very high traffic volumes that flow through and within the Waikato.

"This survey work is helping us develop a comprehensive picture of how households within the region travel, and the choices, or lack of choices, available to them," said project manager James Bevan.

"We’ve had great support from Waikato people so far and feel confident this household survey will assist us to develop a detailed understanding of the transport needs of different sections of the regional community."

Opus International Consultants are leading the survey and they will outline the benefits of supplying general household and transport-related information to the selected households. They hope as many households as possible will participate.

The Waikato Regional Transport Model project is being led by Environment Waikato, Transit New Zealand and Hamilton City Council with contributions from the Waikato, Waipa, Matamata-Piako, Taupo and Thames Coromandel district councils. Land Transport NZ is supporting this project, with over 70 per cent of the project being funded from central Government.

Further information is available on 0800 267 875 or online at:

For further information, contact:
James Bevan
07 855 8089 or 027 607 5483