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Published: 2012-05-10 00:00:00

From Raukawa Charitable Trust and Waikato Regional Council
An historic Joint Management Agreement has been signed today between the Raukawa Settlement Trust and Waikato Regional Council relating to co-management of the Waikato River catchment.

Photo of Waikato Regional Council councillors and Raukawa Charitable Trust board members at the Joint Management Agreement signing
Raukawa Charitable Trust Chairman George Rangitutia, Waikato Regional Council Chairman Peter Buckley, regional councillors and Raukawa board members at the Joint Management Agreement signing.

The agreement – signed at Pikitu Marae southwest of Putaruru - relates to Raukawa interests in the catchment upstream of Karapiro.

It is the first of a series of agreements to be signed between the council and iwi under new co-management arrangements for the wider Waikato River.

In a joint statement, regional council chairman Peter Buckley and Raukawa Charitable Trust chairman George Rangitutia emphasised the partnership that existed between their two organisations.

“The Waikato River is a taonga for Raukawa, the regional council and the wider community.

“The new co-management arrangements strengthen the strong partnership that already exists between us when it comes to protecting and restoring the health of the river.

“We are committed to working together closely to achieve our goals, in co-operation with all parties who have an interest in supporting the river’s health for present and future generations.”

The agreement was developed by council and trust staff under the direction of a joint management committee made up of Raukawa trustees and council representatives.

The agreement provides for:

  • Raukawa input into regional planning documents developed under the Resource Management Act;
  • The way Raukawa and the council will work together on state of the environment, plan effectiveness and regulatory monitoring; and
  • Raukawa input into council processes concerning resource consent applications.

An earlier media release on the agreement can be viewed at: