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Published: 2002-06-12 00:00:00

Four new high tech bright yellow buses will be cruising Hamilton city streets over the next six weeks.

The new $220,000 Super Hoppers are state of the art coach engineering, complete with climate controlled air conditioning, super quiet motors, more comfortable seats, engines converted to LPG to protect the environment and ensure high performance and passenger friendly.

Environment Waikato councillors had a test run on Monday as the first of the new buses visited their Regional Passenger Transport Subcommittee meeting. Chairman of Kiwi Bus Builders and Bay Line of Tauranga, Tony Lugg, said the buses were easy to drive and likely to be very efficient fuel users.

“We need to make passenger transport more interesting, comfortable and people friendly. Buses have to be as good as cars or people won’t get out of their cars to use them.”

The buses were designed and built in Tauranga and his company will build 50 buses this year. The buses include low floors, smaller steps and good hand rails.

Chairman David Peart said he appreciated the work of both city companies in terms of innovation.

“To attract customers, provide environmental benefits and make it easy to get around the city buses need to be a good alternative to cars.”