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Published: 2003-09-29 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has awarded $6885 to the Pirongia Restoration Society to print a booklet about the ecology and history of Mt Pirongia.

The society provides financial, material and physical support to protect the ecological, cultural and recreational values of Mt Pirongia. It has strong local support and also works with the Te Pahu Landcare group facilitated by Environment Waikato. The 16-page booklet to promote the area booklet will include the mountain’s history, flora, fauna, landforms, climate, recreational opportunities and Maori tikanga.

The society has an ongoing possum control operation with DoC and is working toward establishing an area of intensive pest control. It also promotes conservation through community education, staffing the Pirongia information centre and appearing at events in the area.

The society feels there is a lack of public awareness about the ecological value of Pirongia and a professionally produced brochure would stir public interest and get people to see the mountain as more than just a convenient tramping spot.