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Published: 2002-12-11 00:00:00

A truck crash in the Awakino Gorge last night dumped thousands of litres of resin glue into the Awakino River.

About 17,000 litres of glue – virtually the total load – was spilt into the river at around 7pm. The glue, used for particle board, dissolves in water and is not toxic for humans. However, Environment Waikato is still assessing the environmental effects of the spill on fish and aquatic life, which so far seem to have not been harmed.

The substance is water soluble and is likely to flow out to sea in diluted form. Environment Waikato’s calculations so far show that the glue was heavily diluted as soon as it reached the river, but scientists will be on the scene today to assess the situation.

The Regional Council was notified by the Mokau Volunteer Fire Service, and both the truck operators, Hookers, and the glue manufacturers were on the scene quickly.