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Published: 2007-10-18 00:00:00

Waikato Weedbusters is providing Hamilton gardeners with an extra incentive to spring clean their gardens on 28 October.

It is holding a weed swap to encourage people to remove weeds from their backyards and dispose of them wisely.

The first 50 people to take trailer loads of garden weeds to the Hamilton Organic Recycling centre will be able to dispose of them for half price. They will also receive two native plants and a free bag of compost.

As a bonus, everyone who takes their garden weeds to the organic recycling centre on October 28 can go into the draw to win $250 worth of garden vouchers (see the advertisement on this page).

The offer does not apply to grass clippings.

“Most of New Zealand’s weed species started out as ornamental garden plants that jumped the fence and invaded natural areas,” regional Weedbusters coordinator Wendy Mead said.

“Invasive plant species are one of the most serious threats to our environment, and many are still being grown as ornamental garden plants. When they ‘escape’ into the wild, perhaps because they have been dumped over the fence or into a gully, they can overtake native plants and destroy native bird habitat.

“So we encourage you to have a dirty weekend at home and get rid of your weeds, but please don’t do the dirty on the environment by disposing of them irresponsibly.”

Weedbusters is also running a national competition during October with $1000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Details can be found at