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Published: 2001-10-13 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has four new Councillors following today’s polls.

In a turnout of a much reduced percentage of voters, 10 sitting members were returned and one lost his seat. A total of 34 candidates contested 11 of the 14 seats, including 13 in a hotly contested Hamilton constituency.

Two new Councillors have won Hamilton seats – Paula Southgate and former Waikato District mayor Angus McDonald. Sitting members David Peart and Lois Livingston were returned while sitting member Darryl Smith lost his seat. One Hamilton sitting member, long serving councillor May Woodcock, retired.

In Matamata Piako, sitting member Stephen Osborne won his seat in a close challenge from former councillor Rodney Luxton, with Bill Cox coming in third. Long serving Councillor Jim Howland held his South Waikato seat well ahead of challenger Lawrence Ryder.

Jeanette Thomas won the North Waikato constituency by several thousand votes against challenger Carmen Kirkwood.

In the Central Waikato constituency sitting member Jenni Vernon held her seat against challengers Ross Meurant and Shane Solomon with a strong majority.

In Taupo, where there are two seats, sitting member Helen Lane held her seat and the seat left vacant by long serving member and former chairman Murray Black was won by Laurie Burdett with a strong majority in a field of six candidates.

In Waipa, councillor Morris McFall’s retirement left one seat open which was won by Barry O’Connor ahead of challenger Bruce Milne.

Three candidates held their seats without a challenger in their constituencies – Neil Clarke in Hauraki, Andra Neeley in North King Country, and Evan Penny in Thames Coromandel.

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