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Published: 2001-04-27 00:00:00

Environment Waikato wants farmers shifting stock over the next couple of months to remember their responsibilities to dispose of stock truck effluent correctly.

Regional Land Transport Committee chairman Morris McFall said the availability of stock truck effluent disposal sites was progressing well, with four now available in the Region and a newly opened facility at Taupo.

“With gypsy time coming up, when many farms are moving stock over the next two months, farmers needed to be aware of the problem of effluent spills on roads and ensure they disposed of effluent properly. They also have a responsibility to the public to stand stock overnight before moving them.”

Transfund had included funding for facilities in its policy. The Land Transport Committee was aware of the problem and it was now up to local authorities and Transfund to co-operate in choosing and funding appropriate sites.

Environment Waikato had commissioned the original report on the need for disposal sites and their geographical distribution. Most district councils had relied on the report to decide where and when the sites were needed.