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Published: 2004-05-31 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has granted $9000 from its Environmental Initiative Fund to Lake Cameron’s Care Group for willow removal and planting.

The peat lake is south of Hamilton at Rukuhia, and the group has obtained the support of DoC and Waipa District Council in improving the area. It has previously fenced, planted and provided information displays, as well as helping to set minimum water levels at the lake. The proposed willow removal and replanting is the final stage of the work.

DoC is contributing to willow extraction and the District Council is contributing to capital works and maintenance of the lake. Fish and Game is willing to assist with labour volunteers for planting and Rukuhia School is keen to set up a nursery with DoC’s help for students to propagate plants once the trees have been removed.

Strategic Development Manager Kevin Collins said that although Lake Cameron was a seriously degraded lake, it had an active community working to make as many positive changes as possible.