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Published: 2007-10-12 00:00:00

Progressive results from Environment Waikato’s triennial elections will be available on the council’s website tomorrow afternoon from 2.30pm onwards.

The results will be posted on, via the “elections” link on the home page.

Results of the first vote counts, representing 98 per cent of the vote but excluding special votes and votes cast on Saturday, will be posted as they are received.

Results for some areas may not be available until late tomorrow afternoon.

Final results will be available on the website by the end of next week.

The names of candidates who have been elected unopposed have already been posted on the council’s website. They are:

  • Matamata-Piako constituency – Frank Healey
  • North Waikato-Hauraki constituency – Peter Buckley
  • Taupo constituency – Laurie Burdett
  • Waipa-King Country constituency – John Fisher
  • Waipa-King Country constituency – Andra Neeley.

Council’s constituency boundaries have changed for this year’s election following a membership review undertaken last year. At the 2004 election there were 10 constituencies with 14 members. This year there are eight constituencies with 12 members.

Maps showing the new boundaries are available on Environment Waikato’s website,

Environment Waikato’s current councillors are:

  • Central Waikato constituency – Jenni Vernon (chairman)
  • Hamilton constituency – Ian Balme, Lois Livingston, David Peart, Paula Southgate.
  • Hauraki constituency – Basil Morrison
  • Matamata-Piako constituency – Steve Osborne
  • North King Country constituency – Andra Neeley
  • North Waikato constituency – Angus Macdonald
  • South Waikato constituency – Jim Howland
  • Taupo constituency – Laurie Burdett, Rex Hawkins
  • Thames-Coromandel constituency – Arthur Hinds
  • Waipa constituency – John Fisher.