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Published: 2010-10-19 00:00:00

Coastguard Raglan, with support from Environment Waikato, is again offering to help boaties with information on how to cross the notorious Raglan bar and to be generally safer at sea.

The Coastguard is holding a Raglan-specific course for boaties on Sunday 14 November. EW will be providing safe boating resources and regional harbour guides to participants.

“The Raglan bar can be a very tricky hazard to negotiate and there have been a series of serious capsizing incidents in recent years,” Coastguard Raglan’s Kevin Dreaver said.

“We urge anyone intending to cross the bar – who hasn’t already learnt how to do so - to attend our course to help ensure they can negotiate it as safely as possible.”

Numbers on the course are limited to 50. People can pre-register for the course with Coastguard Raglan’s secretary Bridget Green on 07 825 8089 or email

The course will run from 9am to about 1pm. On the day registration starts at 8.30am at the Raglan Fire Station at 11 Wainui Road. A course fee of $25 is payable by cash or cheque. Participants should bring a lifejacket, as a boat trip out on the bar is included.

For more information, contact .