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Published: 2002-09-23 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has won a national award for its new Clean Streams Project, which aims to clean up the Region’s waterways with fencing and planting.

It has been awarded the Resource Management Law Association’s Award, which recognises excellence in statutory resource management. The award recognised the effort to turn resource management policies and plans into practical on-the-ground results.

Environment Waikato is investing $10 million over the next decade in fencing and planting rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands to reduce the effects of farming on water quality. The project provides advice and support for farmers to exclude stock from waterways, meeting up to 35 percent of the costs to fence waterway margins.

The project is described as a significant contribution to the development of resource management practice.

Chief Executive Barry Harris said the award was recognition of the practical work Environment Waikato was doing to enhance and improve the environment.

“The Clean Streams Project is just one of many activities and projects the Council is working on which involves working with the community in achieving real results in the environment. It is typical of the work we’re involved in turning policies and documents into realistic achievements.”