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Published: 2002-05-17 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is to replace 37 pole moorings in Whangamata Harbour after they were found to be worm ridden.

The Council’s Corporate Services Committee heard the Council was now responsible for navigation safety over the Coromandel Peninsula, which included ownership of pole moorings rented to boat owners.

Recently a pole snapped off in Whangamata Harbour and inspection showed it was infested with worms. The pole was one of 45 in the harbour that was over 19 years old. Divers had inspected the remaining old poles and all were infected. While some would last up to another five years but most needed replacing now.

Staff investigated the most cost effective replacement option – which ranged from $60,000 for pine poles to $90,000 for hardwood. It would be necessary to bring $30,000 of planned capital expenditure forward to fund their replacement.