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Published: 2000-12-21 00:00:00

Environment Waikato wants to get tough on jet skiers who are flouting new by laws restricting their use on the Waikato River to certain areas.

Cr Lois Livingston said a resource consent hearing at Mercer was interrupted by a single jet skier riding up and down the river, who was openly ignoring the new signs preventing jet skiing in the area. An honorary warden present at the hearing said she had attempted to enforce the by law and had been abused and intimidated by jet ski riders who totally disregarded the law.

Wardens had the power to prosecute offenders but were feeling powerless in the face of regular abuse.

Cr Murray Black said the Council needed the power to confiscate vessels breaching the by law.

Cr Livingston said jet skis needed to be registered and Environment Waikato needed to follow the Auckland example and insist on registration so owners could be identified. The Council will follow up the problem to ensure the by law is adhered to over the summer.

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