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Published: 2000-12-01 00:00:00

Environment Waikato wants to reward people who are looking after wetlands on their own land.

It has prizes for those who are caring for wetlands and the competition is open to anyone – families, individuals, or non-profit organisations – owning a wetland in the Waikato Region.
Wetlands are among New Zealand’s rarest and most at-risk ecosytems, and restoring wetland habitats can make a real difference for many wetland species of plants and animals. Wetlands also benefit humans by providing protection from floods, and improving air and water quality.

Most of the smaller wetlands in the Waikato are owned and looked after by individual landowners, and owners can nominate as many of their wetlands as they want. Judges will visit semi finalists’ sites to select the winners and prizes will be awarded on World Wetlands Day on February 2 next year.

Prizes include a framed aerial photograph of the wining farm or wetland, $200 worth of native plants for the runner up in two size categories – under five hectares and over five hectares – and a restoration kit which includes native plants and pest control equipment.
Entry forms can be obtained from Environment Waikato offices and on the Council’s website,, or by calling Environment Waikato's Freephone 0800 800 401. Entries close on January 15, 2001.