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Published: 2003-05-29 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is to provide funding to fence the Waiomu Domain’s esplanade reserve.

The Domain Committee had applied to the Environmental Initiatives Fund for $2730 to clean up, replant and fence the reserve attached to the north edge of the domain.

The area borders the Waiomu Stream but has been neglected and parts have become used as a rubbish dump.

The Committee has begun to clean up the site, control weeds and restore native vegetation with the co-operation of Thames Coromandel District Council, and hopes to eventually use the esplanade for a portion of a walkway accessing historic sites around the Domain.

The Thames Coast Protection Society has donated plants and the District Council has helped with rubbish removal.

Corporate Planner Kevin Collins said the project had substantial community support and was part of a larger effort to improve the Domain’s environment. Stream health and stability should be enhanced through rubbish removal and replanting.
The proposal would make it easier for people to enjoy the area, of which only about 25 percent was now used.