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Published: 2003-05-14 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is clamping down on unregistered jetskis in its Region after more than two years of publicising the issue.

Unregistered jetskis will be served with an infringement fine of $100, with a three week grace period until the end of September to register. If the owner registers in that time the fine will be waived.

The Waikato Region has had a Navigation Safety Bylaw in place since July 2001, which includes the requirement to register all personal watercraft, or jetskis from July last year. The aim is to gather information about ownership so that jetski owners breaking the bylaw can be identified.

Both Auckland and Northland Regional Councils have similar programmes, and registrations in these regions is accepted in the Waikato.

This week’s Environment Waikato Regulatory Committee meeting heard that an extensive advertising campaign was done over the Christmas period to make owners aware of the need to register their craft. Registered jetskis went from 43 to 206, but there were still a large number unregistered and being used in the Region.

If enforcement action was not taken now, those who had registered would question the point of obeying the bylaw.

Posters had been put up in well used areas and leaflets placed under windscreen wipers where jetski trailers were parked. There had been extensive advertising, radio slots and advertising in boat yards and dealerships as well as publicity by the Jetski Federation, he said.

Cr David Peart said the amnesty period should only run until the end of September to allow people to register their craft in time for Labour Weekend, when the first clashes were likely.
Owners can register at Environment Waikato offices around the Region and forms are available from harbourmasters and dealerships.