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Published: 2002-08-07 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has put its weight behind calls for tougher action on stock truck effluent spills in the Taupo area.

Environment Waikato has issued four infringement notices recently for spilling effluent from stock trucks in the South Taupo area involving two transport firms. Taupo District Council voiced concerns last week about stock truck effluent on highways around the district.

Regional Land Transport Committee Chairman David Peart said Environment Waikato continued to take a strong position on effluent dumping from stock trucks and infringement notices would be issued wherever there were witnesses or strong evidence.

Mr Peart said that Environment Waikato would work with Taupo District Council, Police and other organisations at a planned Taupo District Council workshop where options such as an education campaign and more disposal facilities would be discussed.

“While the new Poihipi Saleyards effluent disposal site is working well, there is a need to ensure all stock truck operators are aware of it and make full use of it.”

A study of North Island stock truck effluent disposal facilities is being done, with findings available in December. The study would confirm the locations for future disposal sites across the whole North Island.