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Published: 2013-09-06 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council is joining forces with Coromandel Area School next Tuesday 10 September to hold a Conservation Week planting day to help protect a stream running through Coromandel town.

The land includes three sections over 3200 square metres in Albert St that were retired from housing use due to frequent and high risk of flooding.

Council staff and up to 80 pupils are due to be involved.

A first group of children will be on site at 11.30am for planting. After a barbecue lunch, a second group of pupils will help finish the planting.

The council’s Coromandel river works manager Kerry Smith said working with the school was a great way to educate children about the importance of planting on the banks of waterways to help protect their health.

“Planting provides benefits such as helping reduce erosion of banks, preventing sediment and nutrients getting into the waters, reducing slime and algae levels, and increasing fish health by helping control temperature and oxygen levels. Shade from plants also helps with fish spawning.”

The event would also be an opportunity to tell the children, who use the area as a swimming hole, about the installation of some artificial fish habitats.

More information on the planting day is available from Kerry Smith on 07 862 8376.