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Published: 2004-08-20 00:00:00

A total of 30 candidates have put their names forward to contest Environment Waikato’s 14 seats at the local government elections in October.

Nominations closed at midday today. The four Hamilton seats are contested by seven candidates – sitting members David Peart, Paula Southgate and Lois Livingston and newcomers Ian Balme, Celia Hotene, Caren McConnell and Russ Rimmington.

Sitting Hamilton member Angus Macdonald is contesting the North Waikato seat vacated by Jeanette Thomas, along with Doug Boyde, Carmen Kirkwood, Peter Kellond and Neil McLean.

South Waikato is contested by sitting member Jim Howland, and Lawrence Ryder. The two seat Taupo constituency is contested by five candidates – sitting member Laurie Burdett, Rex Hawkins, John Davis, Sharon Mariu and Hupa James (Jim) Maniapoto.

The Thames Coromandel constituency vacated by Evan Penny is contested by Paul Hills, Arthur Hinds and Juliet MacDonald.

The Hauraki constituency vacated by retiring Chairman Neil Clarke is contested by Basil Morrison and Andrew Hatton.

The Matamata Piako constituency is contested by sitting member Steve Osborne, and Bernard Healey. The Waipa constituency is contested by sitting member Barry O’Connor and Bruce Milne. The North King Country constituency held by Andra Neeley and the Central Waikato constituency held by Jenni Vernon are uncontested.