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Published: 2012-06-11 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council has moved to clarify the issue of public submissions on Maori seats which are being introduced at next year’s local body elections.

An advertisement opposing Maori seats in Saturday’s Waikato Times could be taken as implying that people have till 18 July to object to the Maori seats being introduced next year. A range of objections over the seats have subsequently been received by the council today.

However, the council advises that it formally decided last year that the Maori seats are definitely going ahead for the 2013 elections. No valid request for a poll was received in time to influence that decision.

What the public can submit on by 18 July regarding next year’s elections is the constituency boundaries for general and Maori seats. Full details of the proposed constituencies and the submissions process, as previously publicly notified, are available at