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Published: 2003-05-14 00:00:00

Hamilton City Council wants more representation on Environment Waikato’s Regional Passenger Transport Subcommittee.

In February the city council asked for a review of governance of passenger transport so that Hamilton city and users together had representation on the subcommittee. It also wanted a closer working relationship between Environment Waikato staff and city council staff.

The subcommittee has three Environment Waikato representatives (all Hamilton representatives), two Hamilton City Council representatives, one Waikato District Council representative, and one from each district subsidising contracted passenger transport services – Franklin, Hauraki and Matamata Piako.

It also has provider representatives (one), user representatives (three), transport disadvantaged (one), passenger rail (one) and national/regional bus and coach (one), making 18 members.

City representatives and users total five of the 18, and another five would be needed to give a majority. However with Environment Waikato Hamilton members it has eight so another three would be needed.

Committee chairman David Peart said Hamilton City Council was taking a greater interest in the passenger transport system in the city and was looking at ways of bolstering funding from money they already had.

“This is a good way of getting a wider view from their Council,” he said.

Cr Paula Southgate said that while the increase was not entirely necessary it was good to see the current four Environment Waikato Hamilton councillors having a closer working relationship with the city representatives.

Environment Waikato has decided to trial another three city representatives, amending the constitution. The situation will be reviewed in 12 months.