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Published: 2003-03-11 00:00:00

Hamilton City Council is working on the source of odour from the city’s wastewater treatment plant which has been bothering the plant’s neighbours.

This week’s Environment Waikato Regulatory Committee meeting heard that the council had been working with its consultants to find the source of the problem and had drafted a works programme to deal with the issue.

Environment Waikato has granted an extension on the commissioning period for the wastewater plant so the council could improve its operation, following a series of hardware problems encountered during the previous year.

The Regulatory Committee was told the city council had made considerable progress in identifying sources of odour from the site. It had complied with discharge parameters of its consent throughout its works programme and had had continued discussions with the neighbourhood group to keep them informed.

Committee chairman Jim Howland said he was impressed with the co-operation Environment Waikato staff were getting from the city and acknowledged the difficulties that were always associated with a large upgrade of this nature.

The Committee will receive regular updates on progress.