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Published: 2001-05-21 00:00:00

More stock being moved between farms during the change-over period from June 1 may contribute to more effluent spillages, says Waikato Federated Farmers vice-president John Fisher.

Mr Fisher said Federated Farmers anticipated an increase in stock movement, as there had been an increase in farm sales within the Waikato over the past year. Farmers are being encouraged to help minimise the amount of effluent spilt on the roads by standing stock on dry feed for four to eight hours before transport. Disposing of effluent collected on stock trucks is also recommended.

Environment Waikato Land Transport Manager Bevan Clement said stock effluent on roads was a major problem in the Region at this time of year, but the problem could be reduced by everyone assisting with collection and disposal of effluent. A responsible attitude to the collection and disposal of effluent would help control the amount of stock effluent on roads.

He said the co-operation of transport operators was important to maintain a system of efficient effluent collection and disposal from stock trucks. With increased stock movement over the changeover period, there would be increased pressure on transport operators. Farmers would need to make early bookings to ensure efficient transport of their stock.

Three stock truck effluent disposal facilities were available in the Waikato, including sites at Tapapa and Putaruru, with an additional site at Taupo sale-yards opened recently. Transport operators are being urged to use these free disposal facilities.

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