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Published: 2010-12-24 00:00:00

Boat owners are reminded that their vessels need to display a name. The boat naming rule came in to force in July 2010.

A survey at the recent Waikato Boat Show indicated that only 49 per cent of respondents had a name on their vessel.

Power-driven vessels four metres or larger and non-powered vessels six metres or larger are required to display a name or identifying mark such as a radio call sign, Coastguard membership number or trailer registration. The vessel’s brand, model or make is not adequate identification.

Smaller vessels must have emergency contact details and/or the owner’s name or contact details, clearly visible on or in the vessel. These details could be written directly onto the vessel with a waterproof marker, onto waterproof tape, or on a laminated card attached to the vessel.

“Anyone who gets out on the Waikato region’s harbours, rivers, lakes and coastal waters needs to be familiar with this rule and others in the navigation safety bylaw,” said Environment Waikato compliance and education manager Rob Dragten.

“The bylaw is about ensuring the safety of water users, so it’s important that people know and follow the bylaw rules.” 

Information on vessel identification requirements is available on Environment Waikato’s website
Boat owners could face a $200 fine if their vessels aren’t identifiable.