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Published: 2011-12-22 00:00:00

Boaties heading out on the Waikato region’s waters this summer are being reminded to display a name on their boats.

Waikato Regional Council’s annual boat ramp survey undertaken at the end of last summer indicated that 74 per cent of boaties were displaying a name on their vessel.

Navigation safety programme manager Nicole Botherway said it was a pleasing result, but it meant 26 per cent of vessel owners still needed to catch up.

“The boat naming rules were brought into the 2009 bylaw to improve search and rescue capabilities and to assist harbourmasters in their job of managing safety on our waterways.

“Harbourmasters will be issuing warnings to those not displaying a name this summer and repeat offenders could face a $200 fine,” Mrs Botherway said.

Power-driven vessels four metres or larger and non-powered vessels six metres or larger are required to display a name or similar mark, such as a radio call sign, Coastguard membership number or trailer registration. The vessel’s brand, model or make is not adequate identification.

Skippers can go to for more information or phone the council’s navigation safety team on 0800 800 401.

Meanwhile, vessels such as kayaks and small dinghys must have emergency contact details and/or the owner’s name or contact details somewhere clearly visible on or in the vessel. These vessels can be marked by using a waterproof marker, writing on waterproof tape, or laminating a card and attaching it to your vessel.