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Experienced hand on Coromandel tiller

A Waikato Regional Council staff member with wide experience of local resource management issues, Emily O’Donnell, has been appointed to the role of Coromandel area manager.

Keeping a lid on Aussie pests

The need to keep a lid on the number of wallabies in the Waikato after they were imported from Australia early last century is one of the region’s focuses during Biosecurity Month which begins tomorrow.

Big surge in Waikato Civil Defence capability

Issued by Waikato CDEM Group
Waikato’s capability to prepare for and deal with civil defence emergencies has improved very significantly in the last five years, a new Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) report has confirmed.

Helicopters grounded for now but monitoring to continue

Waikato Regional Council today confirmed it will suspend use of helicopters for monitoring dairy farm effluent compliance pending a review of its methods for checking farmers are working within the rules to protect waterways.

Rivers group starts community field trips

Issued on behalf of Healthy Rivers: Plan for Change/Wai Ora: He Rautaki Whakapaipai
A multi-stakeholder group working on ways to protect the Waikato and Waipa rivers has begun a series of field trips to help them understand the wider community’s issues and perspectives.

Waikato's future taking further shape

Issued on behalf of Waikato Mayoral Forum
Good progress is being made on shaping a more prosperous and efficient future for Waikato, with business groups and others now invited to apply to be on a joint committee overseeing a new regional spatial plan being developed by the Waikato Mayoral Forum.

Building safer, more resilient communities

Recent torrential rain and the resulting risk of flooding and slips have highlighted the importance of effective natural hazard management in Waikato.

Joint working group established

Joint release from TCDC and Waikato Regional Council
Thames-Coromandel District Council and Waikato Regional Council have established a joint working group to manage flood protection issues relating to Graham's Creek and the Tairua-Manaia Rd causeway on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Waikato dairy farmers boosting effluent performance

Having adequate storage to stop effluent being sprayed on to pasture at the wrong time is starting to become the new normal for Waikato dairy farmers, says the author of a report to Waikato Regional Council’s environmental performance committee.

Watch out for heavy rain and strong winds across the Waikato

Joint media release from Waikato Civil Defence and Waikato Regional Council
Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group and the Waikato Regional Council flood management team are urging Waikato people to be cautious for the next few days with heavy rain forecast from today through to Wednesday. Strong winds are also possible during this period.

‘Lax’ farmer fined $52,500

A Coromandel dairy farmer has been fined $52,500 for illegally discharging effluent into the environment over a three year period. It followed his second conviction for such offending.

New executive line up announced

Chief executive Vaughan Payne today announced the new Executive Leadership Team (ELT) responsible for achieving the regional council’s strategic direction and ensuring it more effectively and efficiently meets future challenges.

Partnership in action at Fieldays

Finding new and creative ways to keep Waikato’s environment healthy whilst growing the region’s competitive edge is the focus of the regional council’s stand at this year’s Fieldays at Mystery Creek.

Lake Waikare “culprit” identified

New analysis has identified the algae causing red blooms in north Waikato’s Lake Waikare this year and it’s believed to probably be non toxic.