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Students awarded scholarships at regional council

A Masters of Education student evaluating an environmental education programme in Taupo and an aspiring Masters student have been awarded two prestigious scholarships at Waikato Regional Council today.

Economic strategy implementation gathers pace

Statement from Waikato Mayoral Forum
Implementation of a new economic development strategy for the Waikato region is gathering pace, with a number of projects well underway and a private-public governance group in the process of being finalised.

Water strategy to better integrate work streams

Developing a more detailed, integrated regional strategy to further improve management of Waikato’s freshwater resources, and position the region for the future, has been considered by Waikato Regional Council’s strategy and policy committee today.

Nutrient loss reduction costs vary in study

Case studies of dairy support farms in the Upper Waikato River catchment indicate that the effect on profits of reducing their nutrient losses to water is as variable as the systems themselves and could potentially be minimal.

University and regional council combine for regional benefit

Joint statement from University of Waikato and Waikato Regional Council
Boosting the Waikato’s economic development and co-operation on freshwater management issues are the initial focus of a revised Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between two key regional organisations.