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Council baffled by radioactive river claims

Environment Waikato scientists are baffled by claims in a New Zealand current affairs magazine that radioactive uranium waste has been detected in the Waikato River.

Consents granted for telecommunications cable

Environment Waikato, Auckland Regional Council and Taranaki Regional Council have granted resource consents for the installation of a submarine fibre optic telecommunications cable from Waiuku to New Plymouth.

Council to get tough on jet skiers

Environment Waikato wants to get tough on jet skiers who are flouting new by laws restricting their use on the Waikato River to certain areas.

Council to prosecute landfill operators

Environment Waikato is to prosecute Pukemiro landfill operators and their staff for alleged unauthorised landfill activities and obstructing staff in their duties.

New policy for pests

More help for landowners protecting key natural areas, a harder line on environmental weeds and a plant pest exchange programme are all in Environment Waikato’s proposed Regional Pest Management Strategy, which opens for submissions on January 31.

MAF Varroa control criticised

Environment Waikato’s Biosecurity Committee has criticised the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for its handling of the varroa bee mite infestation in the North Island.

Summer driving no race

To raise awareness of the dangers of open road speeding, motorists driving in Northland, Auckland and the Waikato this summer will be asked, “Are you part of the dying race?”

Council support for log truck trials

Environment Waikato’s Regional Land Transport Committee is supporting the design and trial of longer logging trucks to increase their safety on the road.

Work begins on stock truck disposal sites

Work is likely to begin on several stock truck effluent disposal facilities in the Waikato Region in the next few months, following approval for funding from Transfund.

Little risk for New Zealand from mad cow threat

New Zealand is one of only six countries universally recognised as free of “mad cow” disease – but there is no room for complacency, a Ministry of Agriculture risk manager has told Waikato mayors.