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Trout Centre hooks funding

The Tongariro National Trout Centre has hooked a $5,000 boost from Environment Waikato.

Tirau farmers face prosecution

Environment Waikato will prosecute the owners and manager of a dairy farm near Tirau for allegedly discharging effluent through a neighbouring farm and into the Piarere Stream.

Waiomu environment group wins grant

Waiomu-based group Education 2021 has been granted $5,500 by Environment Waikato to help with its local environmental efforts.

Thames dairy farmers face prosecution

Environment Waikato will prosecute the owners of a dairy farm near Thames after dairy shed effluent was allegedly discharged into a drain.

New display for Kiwi House

The Otorohanga Zoological Society has been granted $6,000 from Environment Waikato to educate people about the effects of animals that prey on our native birds.

City seeks extension to sort plant problems

Hamilton City Council has asked Environment Waikato for a 12 month extension to allow it to comply with resource consents for its new $28 million wastewater treatment plant.

Meremere wastewater to be appealed

Two groups have appealed resource consents granted to the Waikato District Council for discharging treated effluent into the Waikato River from the Meremere wastewater treatment plant.

Bus service gets thumbs up

Hamilton bus services have improved significantly according to a recent survey conducted on behalf of Environment Waikato.

Whey spilled into waterways

Around 17,000 litres of whey has spilled into the Pangaki Stream near Piopio following a road accident this morning.

Large herds causing effluent problems

Larger herds of cows and changing farming practices are causing problems for some farmers trying to manage dairy effluent in the Waikato.