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Mayors meet to move on SH1

Waikato mayors and chief executives met yesterday to find a way to make progress on the State Highway One Expressway.

Free phone for pest advice

Environment Waikato has launched a new freephone for animal and plant pest advice in the Waikato.

Electronic Tickets for City Buses

Hamilton’s buses launch into state-of-the-art electronic ticketing from next month – and it will save passengers money and time.

Road crash statistics dropping

Road crash fatalities are dropping in the Waikato with more effort being put into targeting speeding and drinking drivers.

Young women driver numbers soar

The number of young women aged between 15 and 19 who are driving has increased 76 percent in the past 10 years, this week’s Regional Road Safety Subcommittee heard.

Pollution complaints about air discharges

Half the pollution complaints to Environment Waikato in the past year were about air pollution, and most of these were about industrial discharges, the Council’s Regulatory Committee heard this week.

No long term effects on river from chemical fire

The Waikato River has not suffered any lasting effects from the chemical truck fire on Cobham Drive late last month, this week’s Environment Waikato Regulatory Committee heard.

Councils grant consents for landfill, mine

Environment Waikato and Waikato District Council have granted resource consents for an open cast coal mine and a construction and demolition landfill at Rotowaro Rd , Pukemiro.

Jetskiing out in city river zone

Water skiiers and jetskiers will continue to be prohibited from using the stretch of Waikato River between Mangaonua Stream and the Pukete footbridge under the new Navigation Safety Bylaw passed by Environment Waikato this week.

New bylaw for water users

Boaties, surfers, jetskiers and other water users now have a new bylaw controlling safety on the water in the Waikato.