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Published: 2013-08-16 00:00:00

Thirty-eight people will contest Waikato Regional Council seats in six general and two Maori constituencies in this year’s local body elections.

Nominations closed at midday today and candidates names were drawn from a hat at 4pm to decide the order in which they will be listed on voting papers. 

In April the council decided that the pseudo-random order would help create a more even playing field for candidates. Under this option, candidates’ names are drawn randomly to determine their order on all voting documents. 

Everyone correctly enrolled by today will receive their voting papers in the mail between 20-25 September. These papers must be sent back by midday on Election Day, 12 October 2013. 

People wanting more information about the elections can contact Waikato Regional Council on freephone 0800 800 401 or go to

Candidates listed in the order they will appear on the voting papers 

Waikato General Constituency (2 vacancies)

  • SEDDON, Martyn
  • BUCKLEY, Peter
  • STARK, Theresa
  • CURRIE, Dave 

Waihou General Constituency (2 vacancies)

  • HUSBAND, Stuart
  • VERCOE, Hugh
  • BARKER, Norm
  • LEGG, Phillip 

Waipa-King Country General Constituency (2 vacancies)

  • FERRIS, Kevin
  • PEMBERTON, Russell

Hamilton General Constituency (4 vacancies)

  • SIMCOCK, Bob
  • RHODES, Mischele
  • ARMSTRONG, Anthony
  • ARMSTRONG, Vivian
  • SOUTHGATE, Paula
  • HENNEBRY, Jane
  • TRITT, Steve
  • SOWRY, Guy 

 Taupo-Rotorua General Constituency (1 vacancy)

  • WHITE, Kathy
  • BLYTH, Doreen 

 Thames-Coromandel General Constituency (1 vacancy)

  • FRIAR, Simon
  • GRAF, Clyde
  • BAKER, Wendy
  • MINOGUE, Dal 

Ngā Hau e Whā Māori Constituency (1 vacancy)

  • MAHUTA, Tipa
  • PENE, Maree
  • PAENGA, John
  • KIHI, Lad 

Ngā Tai ki Uta Māori Constituency (1 vacancy)

  • WEBSTER, Chris
  • BRAMLEY, Timoti
  • STEEL, Lucy
  • PIKIA, Roger
  • EPARAIMA, Vanessa