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Kotuku Farms - discharge dust and odour from broiler farm

This application was a limited notification.

Status of application

The application was notified to 40 affected parties. Submissions closed on 13 December 2018. Overall Waikato Regional Council received 34 submissions in total, all were opposed to the proposal.

WRC requested further information from the applicant regarding the proposal on 16 January 2019. The application is on hold while submissions are being considered and further information on the proposal is gathered.

About the proposal

Waikato Regional Council has received a consent application from Kotuku Farms Ltd located at 263 Wiseman Road, Springdale

Resource consent applications

The consent applications lodged with Waikato Regional Council are:


AUTH139848.01.01 – To discharge dust and odour from a broiler farm.

Application information

Application information is available here for you to download and read. You can also obtain copies of this information by contacting us on our Resource Use Freephone 0800 800 402. Please let us know whether you would prefer this in hard copy or digital format.

The applications can also be viewed at Waikato Regional Council's Hamilton office on 401 Grey Street, Hamilton East (click here for location information).

If you have further questions or would like more information on this proposal, please contact Jennifer Matthys on 0800 800 402.

Resource consent application and assessment of environmental effects (AEE)


Resource consent application and assessment of environmental effects [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Appendix A - Certificate of Title [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Appendix B - Site and Elevation Plans [PDF, 3 MB]

Appendix C - Site Management Plan [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Appendix D - Affected Parties Approvals [PDF, 6.2 MB]

Appendix E -  Application Forms [PDF, 2.9 MB]


S92 matters Kotuku Farms - resource consent application [PDF, 78 KB]